Solid carbide rod

solid carbide rod

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    Tungsten Carbide Rod is mainly made of WC and Co by powder metallurgic method processing. ZHUZHOU LIZHOU CEMENTED CARBIDE CO., LTD main provide the  Solid Carbide Rod and carbide tube, which production under CIP production with good density and higher bending strength , 

   Tungsten  carbide rods are application in make the drill bits, end-mills, reamers ,automobile special cutters, printed circuit board special cutters, engine special cutters, Horologe processing special cutters, integral vertical milling cutter, graver and etc. Besides, they can bu used for making of cemented carbide stamping head, Core bar and perforation tools.  Both sintered blanks and ground tungsten carbide rod are supplied.

    Now we have two grade for your option,  LX25 (make tools material  HRC<=55 ) and LBC25 (make tools material  HRC>=55)



Recommended grade: 


Grain size(um)Density(g/cm³)            HRA           TRS
      LX10       0.5        14.75        >=93.8       >=3500
     LX25       0.8        14.40        >= 91.5       >=3600
     LBC25A       0.6        14.10        >=92.5       >=3800
      R30          ---        13.95       >= 13.95      >=4000


LX10  It is the ultra-fine grain size, with good hardness and toughness, suitable for making PCB micro-drill, end mills, especially suitable for finishing, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc.

LX25  It is used to make tool of drills and end mill, especially for alloy steel which material HRC<50, grey cast iron, heat resistant alloy, etc.

LBC25 Used for making drills, end mills, especially for heat resistant alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

R30 It is widely used in punches and punching needles, forming mandrel, poeder metallurgy core and mandrel, especially suitable for processing anti-vibration tool bar and PCD tools.

Avaliable Size:mm   Unground and Ground to h5/h6  



3.0~40 mm


We are accept the size as per the customers’ requirement. 


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